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Integrating nature into business & investment decision-making for investors, governments & businesses

Image credit: Evgeni Evgeniev; if you would like to provide feedback regarding this image, please contact us.


We aim to accelerate our transformation to a nature-positive economy


Our survival and economic prosperity is dependent on nature; we must protect and restore it (stopping nature and biodiversity loss).* Public finance alone will not be enough to protect nature. We need to move a Trillion + USD a year in a way that is aligned with nature. This means nature-positive decisions need to be made across the global economy, which aren’t being made now.


Economic decision makers such as investors, governments and organizations don’t have the tools and knowledge necessary to make decisions that regenerate (vs degenerate) nature.

* The Economics of Biodiversity: The Dasgupta Review, led by Professor Sir Partha Dasgupta for the UK’s HM Treasury; The Economic Case for Nature, World Bank

At Context Nature we build capacity to enable nature-positive actions, at scale.

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Our Context Nature Generative AI assistant augments people working at the intersection of finance and nature, and answers their questions 24/7. Our domain-specific Generative AI helps decision makers think most effectively about how to become Nature-Positive by

  • Using authoritative research, and streamline data gathering and analysis

  • Provide visibility to nature risks and opportunities

  • Create plans based on ecologically sound frameworks and methodologies

We make information accessible and actionable by integrating into people’s workflows within the confines of the organization, where investors, project developers, employees and government officials can ask the assistant questions.


‘Whole society’ approach

We are facilitating the needed transformation to a nature positive economy by including all stakeholders and taking an action-oriented collaborative approach. We recognize and support partners that are laying the groundwork to transform our financial, legal and business systems in ways that are more nature aligned by extending their reach and bringing this knowledge into the hands of decision-makers.


Our strategic entry point enables quicker product-to-market fit

As more investors, government and companies seek help to assess and address nature-related financial and operational risks and opportunities, Context Nature provides an easy on-ramping solution to start to consider an ecological perspective into strategic & investment decision making.

We are working with those investors, local governments, and companies who expressed an interest in and a willingness to adopt nature-positive strategies.  

Reach out to for more information.


We’re enabling a nature-positive future

Proven track record, experience, and vision that has enabled the delivery of cutting edge technology, and leading programs focused on the driving transformative action towards ecological and social regeneration.

Context Nature is a Public Benefit Corporation.  We are putting Nature on our Board and have allocated 10% of our company to fund Nature and land stewards. 

Image by Ives Ives

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Image credit:  Ives Ives; if you would like to provide feedback regarding this image, please contact us.

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