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We streamline how you collect & analyze your Climate & Biodiversity data

Our software standardizes the data collection process and organizes it based on what is critical for your organization.



We’re helping companies create one source of truth for their sustainability-related financial data.

CFOs need to respond to the rapidly evolving ESG landscape. The response could result in access to new markets, capital or incentives, or provide a defensible posture to meet regulatory requirements and avoid greenwashing.

Ensuring compliance with existing standards and regulations, creating the necessary plans, and monitoring progress over time require a comprehensive data strategy and execution support.


Built by sustainability & accounting experts

Our team has deep industry ESG and accounting subject expertise spanning 25 years, have built and scaled complex data risk management systems and deployed commercial AI, ML models.

We have a partner accounting firm co-designing this product with us to build the critical controls necessary for assuring proper data governance.

Ephi Banaynal dela Cruz

Environmental and social sustainability leader, supply chain & product executive at several Fortune 500 companies, chair emeritus of the Responsible Minerals Initiative 

Ivan Kanevski

YC Alum, Ivan is an expert in creating scalable, high-performance systems. He assembled the engineering team and developed the technology behind Dynamic Ads at Meta, driving its growth to over $1 billion in annual revenue.

Aira Pineda

With experience spanning financial modeling, due diligence and risk management, Aira brings accounting rigor to our product. She serves as a fractional Chief Financial Officer for Context Nature, via Scrubbed. 

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Sylvia Vaquer

Built insights & analytics products used by Fortune 500s, financial institutions and governments; helped spur economic development in post-Katrina New Orleans through NOLABA

Allison Chia-Yi Wu

With a career spanning more than a decade in AI/ML development and a Ph.D. in Bioinformatics from UCSD, Allison has played pivotal roles in developing and deploying production-level AI/ML solutions in various environments.

Guangaje, Ecuador, Andean Indigenous : After the blessing of a water spring. Three women and a man return home.

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