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Bridging nature + finance to regenerate our common home 🌎

We provide education, tools and consulting to support the flow of capital into large scale regenerative projects in bioregions around the world.



Creating a nature-positive economy is crucial for us all to thrive

To achieve this in a timely fashion, capital needs to flow towards high-quality initiatives that lead to the regeneration of nature, and the communities that depend upon it.


To unlock this flow, we need to relearn and retool our paradigms of value, putting nature and community at the core.  Context Nature is here to help you on this journey. 


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We integrate cutting edge regenerative expertise

We convene our global ecosystem of regenerative expertise, to expedite the flow of capital into investable, high-quality nature-positive projects.


Bridging stakeholders to build thriving bioregions

We work with investors, project developers and organizations aiming to create a more regenerative and equitable future by investing in and developing nature-positive projects. 


Recognizing and protecting the value of nature’s ecosystem services requires reimagining the financial system.  We’re providing guidance around what projects and organizations need to demonstrate, to support the launch of a new Social Stock Exchange at the end of 2023.

Project Developers

Developers striving to create and capitalize nature positive projects need support to maximize their potential. We’re supporting project developers to streamline the project feasibility and valuation process, enabling efficient and informed decision-making.

Local Communities

People and communities are interwoven with natural ecosystems.  We’re promoting socially just nature-positive solutions and providing guidance on evidence-based vetting to support project developers and initiatives such as the launch of the Social Stock Exchange.


It’s critical that nature has a voice to ensure this shift to a nature positive economy is meaningful. Within our three practices, Education, Consulting and Tools, we put nature at the center of our design process. We recognize and embrace the complexity, and are inspired to take action.


We build products & programs to accelerate the flow of capital into nature

We have have deep experience designing and implementing successful products and programs.

We have a broad, collaborative network of experienced leaders across: nature tech, ecological economics, biodiversity finance, and community governance.


We like to bring this network together to design and create high quality programs and products that can accelerate the flow of capital towards high quality nature-positive projects.


Together, let's create a future that honors and protects our planet.

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